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Guangzhou Pengman Apartment Zhengjia Huanshi Branch

Guangzhou Pengman Apartment Zhengjia Huanshi Branch, it company in line with the people-oriented, service for the purpose. The hotel apartment, the environment style is extraordinary, the decoration is magnificent, everywhere manifests the king style. Located in Guangzhou commercial and business center, the apartment is the best choice for high-rise white-collar workers in Guangzhou for business travel, business activities and home travel. Room facilities: high grade luxury fine decoration apartment, elegant interior, humanized layout, show your extraordinary taste everywhere. Kitchen - Opal kitchen cabinet, refrigerator, induction cooker, microwave oven, electric kettle, range hood. hair drier. Security facilities: electronic access control system, infrared alarm system, corridor omni-directional monitoring, Guangzhou is the most perfect hotel apartment security system. The apartment is located in the heart of the business circle of Huanshi East Road in Guangzhou. It integrates coffee shop, food, bar street, large supermarket and shopping mall. It faces the world trade center, friendship mall, Lipper square and Baiyun Hotel. Next to it is the famous Jianshe Liulu Road, just a wall away from the garden hotel. Guangzhou is a rare administrative business circle, entertainment and consumption circle, and the perfect combination of travel transit leisure. There are Lushu lake, Yuexiu Park, Baiyun Mountain and zoo around. It is an ideal place for your leisure and business trip.

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Guangzhou Pengman Apartment Zhengjia Huanshi Branch
Tel: +86-20-83513166
Add.: Room 2120, zhengjiahuan city center, 372 Huanshi East Road, near Guangzhou World Trade Center building